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Everlasting Faux Florals

Ingredients:  A healthy love of flowers, a generous helping of inspiration, a pinch of floral expertise, a good dash of business know how…

Method:   Think worn notebooks, with hand written scripts of floral formulas, tried and tested over the years. Put simply, ‘The Recipe’ is all about a list of ingredients required to create a flower arrangement and bouquet.  

Hill Interiors is excited to announce the launch of their new brand ‘The Recipe’.  This is the new destination for faux florals and foliage.  A curated collection of handpicked artificial stems for creating stunning, contemporary designs. Absolutely perfect for home styling, weddings, events, retail and hospitality décor. 


“We want to breathe new life into faux flowers, by embracing the quality and botanical integrity that is now available. Combine this with our excellent customer service, we are confident that we are the perfect destination for the new generation of faux”.

Julian Potter, Hill Interiors Managing Director

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Our Promise to you

"To carefully select each stem for its botanical integrity and high quality finish with a particular focus on selecting the most realistic flowers available."


Styling is our core business and we take huge care in choosing our suppliers. The new faux flowers are going to work amazingly in our business. Can’t wait for them to come in.
— Styling.Farm
Sarah and The Recipe team are incredible! I had to look twice as I thought the faux flowers we’d discussed were real! I can’t believe how amazingly realistic they are and the attention to detail. I’ve never seen anything like it.
— Carolyn Sugiura
Stunning, just stunning!
— Sally Collinson, Gite Manager
We just love Sarah! The energy and knowledge she has brought to The Recipe have given it life and we are already enjoying the success of the new brand.
— Paul Nel, Commercial Director of Hill Interiors

About Sarah Garforth


Introducing Sarah 

Our floral expert and in-house designer. 

Having travelled and lived in London, Spain, Canada and France; Sarah settled back in her beloved Yorkshire and threw herself back into floristry, design and styling. Inspired by her childhood, driven by her experience in design and motivated by the gorgeous faux florals that she has sourced from around the world; ‘The Recipe’ was born.

Driven by the endless creative possibilities, the quality, the accessibility, the versatility of faux flowers as a design led interior addition; her passion for creating bespoke faux looks is ignited and brought to life.

So, Welcome To The Recipe

Design led fabulous faux florals, foliage and botanicals. Follow us on Instagram.