Our Faux Flower “Recipes”

What is a recipe? Put simply, a flower recipe is a list of ingredients required for a flower arrangement or bouquet. On a romantic level it evokes well-worn notebooks with handwritten scripts of floral formulas tried and tested over the years. On a practical level, it is an essential guide with all the necessary knowledge to create an arrangement ensuring the correct numbers of stems are ordered.


Serendipitous Spray

Sometimes things just accidentally work... We have just done a marathon run of tradeshows across the country, we’re all exhausted, and coming back to set up the showroom is nobody’s favourite job. There is a LOT of product to unload, unwrap and then find a home for. For me, in the flower room, that’s a lot of flowers to put in vases for the sixth time in half as many weeks. And it’s chaos! But I always do what my mother told me (usually as a child and being chastised for not tidying my room), start in one corner and keep going. Somewhere between a sea of flowers scattered on every surface, and the finished room, there is a lot of umming and ahhhing about which colours to work together, things get put in a temporary space and then moved again. And this month’s recipe is nothing more than simply a happy accident of these three items sitting on a bench together unplanned, yet somehow working really well. I had planned an elaborate flaming orange autumnal extravaganza, but in the end I just totally fell in love with the simplicity of this colour scheme. The muted grey roses in stark contrast to the deep heady purple climbing around a ton of greenery. I’m pleased with it, I hope you are too.

Method: There is lots of bending in this arrangement, and using the flowers as they come and also by ruffling their petals. Using a shorter vase with long stemmed eucalyptus means you can bend the stems two or three times and create a criss-cross nest within the vase which allows you to position the flowers.

Each of the purple stems, I wound around my hand as if I were coiling a rope, this gave the stems a wild look as if they were growing out of the vase. I did the same thing with the grey ones. On some of the flowers, I pulled back the petals to make the flowers look as though they were almost blown, but not quite.

The ingredients to this arrangement are: 9 x Deep Purple Wedding Peony Rose Spray (19065), 4 x Grey Spray Rose Peony (19050), 5 x Cineraria Spray (19052), 1 x Aged Stone Ceramic Vase (19417)

October The Recipe Recipe.jpg

August Recipe.jpg

Vibrant Garden

August is what we like to think of as the cross over month. It encapsulates the end of the summer flowers, maybe even the late flowering spring ones too, and we see the heads of autumn start to push their way through. The garden is a riot of colour at the moment. As a result, we wanted to capture this vibrant burst of colour in the stems we have within The Recipe.


The blue hydrangea sprays are a fabulous base for arrangements. They slot easily into the vase and then provide a stem system in which to structure the other flowers. In this instance, we just wanted colour and lots of it. We slotted the flowers at alternating and pleasing intervals without any real aim other than contrast and a reasonable attempt at shape.

The ingredients to this arrangement are: 2 x Blue Hydrangea Bouquet (19936), 3 x Orange Cosmos (19609), 4 x Pink Pom Dahlia (x18973), 3 x Baby Pink Garden Rose Spray (18968), 4 x Pink Short Stem Fashion Rose (19025), 4 x Dusty Purple Dahlia (19741), 2 x Dusty Pink Spray Rose Peony (19029), 2 x Cream Wild Meadow Rose (19043), 3 x Green Wild Meadow Rose (19045), 2 x Wild Lilac Dahlias (17326), 3 x Leaf Spray (19615), 1 x Metallic Dipped Large Vase (19415)


We are always struck by the blue hydrangeas at this time of year, in a sea of pastel tones, they stand proud and demand to be noticed. Our blue hydrangea bouquets provide the perfect basis to build an arrangement. Here, we’ve gone big and used three, but you could use as many or as few as you have room for. Whilst the blue is striking, you also cannot ignore the current penchant for peach. It’s everywhere and we are especially fond of the blue and peach combination, our peach peonies particularly.

Method: Pull apart the stems on the hydrangea bouquets and interlace the base of the stems inside the vase. This will give you a good network of stems to build from. Keep the bunches loose. Add in the peonies and the dahlias evenly and then thread through with the berries and daisies, finishing off with the leaf spray.

Ingredients: 3 x 19936 - Blue Hydrangea Bouquet, 6 x 19740 - Peach Peony Rose, 4 x 19742 - Coffee Cream Dahlia, 5 x 19628 - Olive Spray, 5 x 19561 - Brown Hypericum Berry Spray, 8 x 19566 - Mum Daisy Spray, and 5 x 19065 - Variegated Leaf Spray.

May Recipe.jpg

april recipe.jpg


We love the subtle peach tones at the moment, especially when combined with a hint of dusty pink and purple. So, with this in mind April’s recipe has been put together with a bloom heavy new romantic offering. Texture has been added with some of our olive branches whilst darker short stem eucalyptus and leafy twigs have been used to add that ‘just picked’ feel. This one has been done as a hand tied bouquet but as you can see, it works perfectly with our small apothecary jars for a contemporary feel.

Method: There is no specific way to style these blooms, the more natural they appear the better. A lot of them will need cutting down to fit the vase, do these individually so that each one works within the arrangement. The white rose spray (19562) can be cut down but then pulled three ways, this should be used as a starting point and then fill the gaps with greenery and flowers. Try and tease the longer stems out over the side of the arrangement so you don’t have them all clumped into the middle. The beauty of something so unstructured is that you can create this arrangement or you can add more or less to it to fit your own vase.

Ingredients: 1 x White Rose Spray (19562), 2 x Traditional White Rose (18963), 1 x Autumn White Hydrangea (19068), 2 x Coffee Cream Dahlia (19742), 1 x Peach Peony Rose (19740), 2 x Olive Spray (19628), 3 x Variegated Leaf Spray (19605), 2 x Short Stem Eucalyptus Bunch (19614) and Small Apothecary Vase (18903).

Delicate Blooms

With Mother’s Day just around the corner and an unmistakable feel of Spring in the air, our March Recipe echoes the longer days and brighter weather with this refreshing arrangement. Pulling on the classic green and white, a contemporary facelift has been given to the traditionally accepted ‘Mother’s Day’ blooms through adding lots of texture and hints of colour.

Method: Arrange these flowers loosely as if just been picked from the field or garden. Casually placed in a vase they blend both classic floral colours with contemporary floral design.

Ingredients: 6 x Mum Daisy Spray (19566), 4 x Green Ranunculus Spray (18940), 3 x Green Viburnum Spray (19591), 2 x Green Trick (19565), 2 x Pink Silk Garden Rose (19028), 2 x White Fashion Peony (19034), 2 x Yellow Fashion Peony (19033), 2 x Pink Wild Meadow Rose (19044), 2 x Faux Bay Leaf Spray 18958 and 1 x White With Grey Detail Large Cylindrical Ceramic Vase (19419).



The Nordic Arrangement

In the aftermath of Christmas, with all it’s gorgeous indulgence, we feel a beautifully simple recipe for January is a necessity. Embracing a Nordic vibe and echoing the bare tree branches of this time of year, our stone vase of branches, pussy willow and eucalyptus pods create a stark contrast compared to the bright colours of the festive season.

Method: The minimalist nature of this arrangement allows for a simple method…place your stems into the large statement vase and enjoy.

Ingredients: 6 x 19553 Pussy Willow Branch, 6 x 19554 Branch Spray, 6 x 19552 Silver Bells Pod Branch, 1 x 19418 Tall stone vase

Festive Berries & Blooms

Our recipe for December is an indulgent blend of all things Christmas: deep red luscious blooms, pine cone sprays, and wild berries. The aim is to evoke a crisp wander through the woods on Christmas morning, so this arrangement has been left totally unstructured, as if you’d gathered these by hand and simply placed in a vase.

Method: This is a forward facing arrangement for placing on a sideboard, or mantle. Begin by arranging the pine branches to the left, right and centre back. Then between these add the eucalyptus stems, taller at the back and cut down at the front. Once the greenery is in place, you can then position your berry stems at various angles. Place shortened stem roses and ranunculus in the centre front with long stems spraying out to the side. This is a very loose arrangement so you have lots of room for flexibility in how you position your flowers. Alternatively there are enough flowers here to create a table centrepiece and arrange to suit.

Ingredients: 5 x 19017 Tall Eucalyptus Stem, 4 x 19593 Haw Apple Spray, 3 x 19018 Deep Red Wedding Peony Rose Spray, 3 x 19586 Pine & Cone Spray, 2 x 16605 Red Romance Rose, 2 x 18942 Red Ranunculus Spray and Vase, 19417 - Aged Stone Ceramic Vase

Festive Berries and Blooms Faux Flower Receipe.jpg

Purple Haze Flower Recipe.jpg
Flower Recipe Pale Green Winter.jpg

purple haze RECIPE

From an outdated colour palette, the purples are breaking their way to the surface again as a colour of choice. Texture is key and the combination of downy hydrangea with the pointy tipped chrysanthemums only serves to provide a platform for these gorgeous indulgent colour tones.

Paired with our heavy set concrete and bronze dipped vase this piece gives a cosy wintery feel to this perfect interiors accessory.

Method: To keep the flowers secure, you can use a cut slice of dry oasis in the urn, by using a loosely packed ball of chicken wire, or by taping a grid system with pot tape across the top of the urn.

Think about height and texture when placing your stems to create interest. Don’t be afraid to create height and length. The beauty of faux is you can bend and manipulate the stems until you are pleased with a look or effect.

Cut and separate buds from blooms to work your foliage into usable pieces.

The ingredients to this arrangement are: 1 x Deep Purple Dahlia, 3 x Deep Purple Peony Rose Spray, 1 x Purple Hydrangea Bouquet, 2 x Cineraria Spray, 2 x Large Purple Chrysanthamum and 1 x Metallic Dipped Large Planter.

A Pale Green Winter RECIPE

Our principle recipe is a simple, classic but effortlessly beautiful arrangement of eucalyptus, green berries and various ranunculus stems set in a hammered silver vase. The dark green eucalyptus brings a hint of the approaching winter season and the berries add a festive touch.

Method: Fill the vase with your eucalyptus first creating a nest for the blooms. The eucalyptus has been kept uniform in this arrangement and have been cut to the same length. Add the berries to the outside of the vase and then place your blooms evenly within the foliage

The ingredients to this arrangement are: 18 x Cineraria Eucalyptus Spray, 4 x White Ranunculus Spray, 4 x Green Single Ranunculus, 4 x Green Ranunculus Spray, 4 x Green Berry Spray and 1 x Metallic Ceramic Tapered Vase.

Vibrant Autumn Flower Recipe.jpg
Berries and Blooms Flower Recipe.jpg

A Vibrant Autumn recipe

As Autumn unfolds and the colours are at their most fiery vibrancy this beautiful little brass urn of orange and rusts adds a perfect pop of seasonal inspiration.

With the muted metals, this brass urn is great for creating a small arrangement and complements this colour palette beautifully. Whilst this would sit perfectly in a home, it’s also absolutely perfect as a gift item, or for a seasonal table, even wedding?

Method: To keep the flowers secure you can use a cut slice of dry oasis in the urn, by using a loosely packed ball of chicken wire, or by taping a grid system with pot tape across the top of the urn.

Think about height and texture when placing your stems to create interest. This arrangement uses 1 stem of eucalyptus, but this has been cut down into workable pieces, likewise with the berries and the buds on the flowers

The ingredients to this arrangement are: 1 x Tall Eucalyptus Spray, 2 x Yellow Fashion Peony, 2 x Cerise Autumn Chrysanthamum, 1 x Peach Garden Rose and 1 x Small Aged Bronze Goblet.


Sometimes you just need a large, imposing vase of flowers. Neutrals can be carried across anywhere whether it's at home, events or in shops. Whilst green and white is the classic pairing, this time of year also needs to feel richer, warmer, more woody than the crisp clean colours of spring and so an off-white chrysanthemum has been used, with a woody stemmed variation of eucalyptus alongside brown berries which have been set off in a bronze dipped vase to embrace the bare wood, back to nature, sheer ‘browness’ of the season.

Method: A lot of greenery can be used to create a nest for the blooms and berries. Cut your stems to a suitable length, some longer, some shorter so that they are not all uniform. Once you have a nest place your blooms in and amongst. Don’t crowd the flowers, cut to different lengths so they don’t all sit in a circle. Within this, place your berries for that final injection of texture.

The ingredients to this arrangement are: 8 x Large White Chrystanthamum, 14 x Tall Eucalyptus Stem, 6 x Brown Berry Spray and 1 x Metallic Dipped Large Vase.